If you are someone with ambition and aspirations that wants to achieve success in the modern world, odds are good that even with the best of intentions and efforts, you still probably only end up accomplishing about half of what you say or wish you could accomplish. If your average is 50%, then bravo, you’re a high achiever. If you are a high achiever, however, chances are you’ll never be satisfied with 50%, so in order to achieve more, you need to become adept at the fine art of goal setting.

In terms of success, you need to give yourself every advantage, and not take for granted that your mind can retain all of the information you need such as a to do list, a list of goals, as well as the infinite number of other ideas you come up with every minute of every day. You need to write things down. Thoughts can go through our heads a mile a minute, and when we try to remember things that were important to us later, we often draw a blank. Smart phones are great for helping us stay on task, but unless you know without a doubt that your phone won’t distract you, go analog and carry an old fashioned notebook There are many goal setting websites that offer phone apps, a few of which are listed here: goal setting app links.

The underlying idea of goal setting is that we tend to accomplish more when we are very specific about exactly what we want. Many of us have vague ideas about what we want to do in our lives, but unless you take a few minutes every day to plot and plan, most of these vague ideas end up never happening. Ideas are a dime a dozen, accomplishment stems from implementation.

Many of us enjoyed the movie The Secret, which explained the idea of “the law of attraction,” and while it is true that thoughts create reality and that imagining our lives the way we wish them to be is important fuel for our subconscious to then go out and create what we wish to see in concrete form, “faith without works is dead,” or to put it another way, “God helps those who help themselves.” You must be specific about what you want, and then break down your goal into a series of smaller goals that can be accomplished on a daily basis.

The final key to achieving our goals is patience. Many of the things we wish to build take time, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible or that we should give up and get discouraged. If you put some effort every single day into your goal, even if it’s 15 minutes of planning or journaling, you will see results. Follow the coincidences.  Often times when we take a step in the direction of our goal, our goal takes a step toward us. Watch for signals from your environment that offer clues to finding the path to your goal, often times we will find answers in the most unusual places. Be open to your goal showing up in a form you might not expect.

What are some of your goals or ideas about how to make them a reality?