Life Coach*Relationship Expert*Motivational Speaker

Alison has been coaching and mentoring her entire life. A certified professional coach (UCI, CLC), Alison started coaching just over seven years ago, creating her own firm in 2010.  As an author and columnist, Alison’s advice column and articles have been featured on various sites including e-Harmony, Your Tango and 100 Best Dating Sites.

A lifelong student, Alison is not only a fan but a personal pupil of internationally renowned relationship guru Dr. Pat Allen. Alison’s continued professional education includes intensive Transformational CoachingNeuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, solution focused training, MBTI (Meyers Briggs Indication) and various areas of executive and business coaching.

As an east coast girl, and native of New Jersey I’ve always had an ease with telling it like it is. 

I’m a people person – short and simple. I’ve relied on my communicative strengths and listening skills throughout my life, both as a professional coach and mediator.  I know the power of momentum, and the pain of feeling stagnant and stuck.  I have the ability to help my clients attack what sometimes seem like insurmountable problems or challenges and turn them into manageable actions and immediate goals.  What does that all mean? It means we get to see results in your work fast. With persistence and a practical game plan, I make sure that we get real results in the short term and set a strong foundation for the long haul (often surprising and even delighting ourselves in the process!).

I feel blessed that I get to do what I love everyday and I look forward to helping you get to the place where you are doing what you love everyday. I can see your best self even if you can’t, and I have enough faith for both of us that you can realize your greatest potential.  Empowering you and your goals is my one and only objective.



And Introducing:

MELISSA PRESSMAN, Executive Manager

IMG_0971Melissa and Alison have been working together for 8 years. Melissa works hard to ensure that all areas of Alison’s practice run smoothly, and her amazing attention to detail helps Alison to be accountable and reliable for her clients by avoiding scheduling conflicts. Melissa spent her under graduate years at Columbia College in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles.

Melissa is always there to make sure that clients get the most out of their time with Alison, providing assistance in any way (including beverages as needed!), scheduling support, financial and payment arrangements when applicable and liaises with other associates and team members working with Alison. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Melissa directly via email or phone.