Alison has worked with corporate clients across the country, both in person and telecommuting. She offers corporate clients private coaching and consulting as well as team coaching on site.

Corporate client focus areas include:

 · Defining Your Vision through Leadership, Motivation and Management Styles

 · Fine Tuning your Skills in Networking, Business to Business and Person to Person Communication

 · Identifying Obstacles and Creating Manageable Plans with Accountability 

 · Solution Focus Training

· Career Transition

Alison works with our business clients on a monthly basis to see maximum results.   She helps strategize to get you what you want in business and beyond. She understands accountability and identifying sustainable actions and goals.



From Alison:

I have always had an acute and keen understanding of business. It’s my firm belief that any business is at it’s strongest when every team member – executives and otherwise – are focused, valued, and understands the company mission.

I have a strong track record of working with diverse groups across the country, bringing them together with a common purpose that leads to greater success and synergy for everyone involved. I believe my ability to bring positive, goal centered leadership can help motivate your workforce to the next level of achievement, inspiring initiative, personal ownership and innovation.