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Alison Robertson & Associates has on going women’s groups across the country occurring on site monthly or quarterly, including Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), Philadelphia (PA) and San Francisco (CA) in addition to her weekly Los Angeles group.

Los Angeles Women’s Group (Monday):
I have a successful women’s group that meets every Monday night. We focus on empowerment and helping each member to ascend to the next level of their careers, relationships, and lives.

Together, our collective vision creates an energy circuit that gives fuel to our dreams and makes them realities while ensuring accountability and a support system to allow risk taking and honest and constructive feedback.


Los Angeles Women’s Group (Afternoon): We soon will be launching our afternoon Women’s Group in Los Angeles to allow clients to attend with full evening schedules. Should you be interested in this group, please email Melissa at for times and start date.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
Milton Berle